Lauren Campbell

Host Club:
Grantsburg RC, Wisconsin
Home Town:

My year away:

Coming to the United States for my exchange has changed me dramatically, in a positive way of course.  Being a Rotary student, I had to make many presentations to various clubs and organisations so after having so much experience with public speaking, I now don’t get at all nervous when speaking in front of a crowd.  In fact just this past week, I had to give a presentation about New Zealand to my whole school.  That’s 350 people!  The other exchange student (who I might point out, is a non-Rotary exchange student) was shaking and freaking out, while I was calm and confident.  I was complimented many times on my confidence during my presentation.I have become confident in other areas as well.  I thought I was a pretty outgoing person when I first got here, but looking back I realise that I was only comfortable with the initial friends I made. Now that my year is at an end, I am pretty much friends with everyone in the whole school!  I can fit into virtually every different group and clique.

I have appreciated this year so much in the fact that I have made so many good friends who I know I will keep in contact with.  In fact, I have a few people who already want to come and visit me and even one who wants to actually move to New Zealand!  I have enjoyed myself so much I intend to come back for a visit in the next 2-5 years.