Elyse Mills

Host Club:
Amager RC (Copenhagen)
Home Town:

My Year away:

When I look back on my exchange year and at the person I was when I first departed New Zealand I can’t believe the change and development I have gone through. Living inDenmark for a year has opened my eyes to another way of life and I truly don’t think you’ve lived till you’ve seen the world. In my year away I had the opportunity to explore myself in a different environment without the safety net of my family and therefore this helped me grow in a good way through life experiences. At first being on exchange was a shock to the system and difficult to cope with but after a while it gave me the confidence to be myself and do things I never dreamt I could do on my own. I think being an exchange student is the perfect way to start a transition from teenager to adult because living overseas away from home certainly makes you grow up and mature in a way I don’t think you can gain from staying home. I will take away from Denmark a lot of knowledge and wisdom that I did not arrive with and of course fond memories of my unforgettable year abroad as a Rotary Exchange Student.