Anna Moginie

Host Club:
Bell Ville RC, Cordoba
Home Town:
Lower Hutt

My year away:

My year in Bell Ville, Argentina!  To be quite honest I don’t even want to write this evaluation because it just means that the end of this year is definitely coming to an end. The questions I am being asked are now in past tense, “DID you like your year? DID you make lots of friends?” I still answer in present tense; I LOVE Argentina! I can’t believe that anyone else in the whole world has had a better exchange than mine – all has gone so perfectly.  The best thing about my year was the friendships I made here with the locals; I never thought I would make such good friendships.  I have learned that people, especially young people, are the same all over the world and all want the same things – friendship and FUN! I will never forget this year.